Hello! I'm Glass, and I run this little site.

I've always had something of a passion for writing, and so I decided to start posting whatever I work on here. Blogs about whatever I've done lately, some original works, uh... whatever else I want, really.

As far as my interests go, I mostly like video games and anime/manga. You can see some of my favorites in the section below.

At any rate, I'm still fairly new to this (I try to learn a little bit of something new every day that I can), and would love to meet other people that do this sort of thing and improve my craft, so uh... feel free to say hello! please say something first i'm terrible at striking things up myself

Favorite video games (not in strict order):

Favorite anime/manga (also not in strict order):

Favorite characters (still not in strict order):

You can find me elsewhere at:

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